KDH Diary: Prince Lorenzo Borghese Offers Hamptons Hounds The Royal Treatment With His Organic Grooming Products!



Prince Lorenzo Borghese: founder of the Royal Pet Club.


Do you think of your Hamptons hound as a little prince or princess? Most of us do!! In fact, my regal Yorkshire Terrier Ted acted more like a king at 17-years old…

Well, if you would like to give your dog the royal treatment then you need to know about this fabulous product line KDH recently discovered~ aptly named Royal Treatment! Made from the finest organic ingredients and fragrance oils, Royal Treatment’s pet grooming products have been developed with top human cosmetics manufacturers, world-renowned veterinarians, and other pet experts from around the world.

The Prince [yep~ for real!], Founder & President behind the Royal Treatment bath & body products is Lorenzo Borghese, who created the line for his beloved black lab, Belle. [Princess Belle has since gone to dog heaven where we hope she is friends with Ted].

KDH caught up with the Prince of Pups to hear more about the Royal Treatment brand, his charitable efforts to help animals, and why he loves spending time in the Hamptons…


KDHamptons: When did you launch the Royal Treatment Bath & Body line? Please describe your brand for our Hamptons hound lovers?
Lorenzo Borghese: I launched the Royal Treatment line in 2002 and the website, royalpetclub.com in 2009.  I created the line because my dog, Belle, had developed severely dry, itchy skin.  When I found out that the traditional pet shampoos I was using caused this, I decided to make my own shampoo.  It took me two years to develop the initial formula, one specifically for dogs.  One that could be used weekly without drying the skin. These shampoos, conditioners and daily spritzes are all manufactured in Italy using natural fragrance oils, organic ingredients and are free from harsh surfactants, parabens and soaps. I initially launched the line on HSN in 2002 and fortunately did well!  Due to the success on HSN [will be celebrating my ten year anniversary on the network in August], I began manufacturing pet supplements and treats so that all dogs could get the Royal Treatment inside and out.


KDH:  What makes the Royal Treatment philosophy so special?
LB: Our products combine science with nature and are made from the highest quality 100% handpicked natural and organic ingredients. They are tearless, eliminate bad odors, are suitable for puppies, and can be used in combination with flea and tick medicine. Vet approved, our recipes soothe and moisturize a dog’s sensitive and delicate skin, creating a silky, glossy and shiny coat.


KDH:  Where are Royal Treatment products manufactured?
LB: Our line is formulated in our cosmetics laboratory on the outskirts of Tuscany, Italy, all our grooming products are PH-balanced for your pet’s sensitive skin. They contain no harsh surfactants [drying foaming agents] commonly found in pet grooming products, which can lead to dry and irritated skin.  Allarabens and soaps have been omitted too and replaced with coconut and vegetable oils.



KDH:  Your products seem to place an emphasis on the dog’s skin care, not just their coat, which is fairly uncommon. Why is this so important?
LB: Dogs, unlike humans, have non-porous skin.  As a result, they can’t lubricate their skin like humans.  Harsh Surfactants tend to pull lipids off the skin and hair shaft. Lipids are on the skin to help prevent water loss.  Once pulled off, a dog’s skin becomes dry and irritated due to its inability to naturally lubricate.  For this reason, veterinarians often recommend only bathing your pet when necessary.  This is not the case with our grooming products, which can be used whenever your pet needs, or deserves a bath!



KDH:  Borghese beauty products were always a favorite of mine growing up. How has your family background influenced developing your own product line?
LB: My family no longer has any connections to the Borghese product line. From what I understand, it is now owned by a Saudi group. However, my grandmother [who was the creator of the line], Princess Marcella Borghese, absolutely influenced me. Long before my grandmother created Borghese beauty products, my ancestors used to have fresh fruits and flowers harvested from their Italian garden to make homemade cosmetics. She, like them, wanted her own line. I too wanted to create something wonderful for the skin, but my focus and passion are dogs, hence, I created the Royal Treatment.


KDH:  When did you first visit the Hamptons, and what was your impression?
LB: I was 12 and came out to Southampton to visit my aunt, uncle and cousin.  I loved the architecture of the homes, the beautiful beaches, and the fact that I felt I was thousands of miles away from NYC…



KDH:  Which would be the perfect Royal Treatment products for Hamptons dogs? Do you have any products that ward off Lyme disease?
LB: Since all Hamptons dogs deserve the ultimate Royal Treatment, I would honestly recommend all my products.  However, for the summer time, I would recommend the Organic Lavender and Cashmere shampoo, conditioner and spritz. Not only does it help moisturize the skin and create a shiny coat, but it provides a wonderful, soft lavender aroma that helps your dog relax while also acting as a natural flea and tick repellent.  I would recommend using the shampoo and conditioner at least twice per month and the spritz daily.



KDH:  We feature a new rescue dog and cat each week on KDHamptons, which animal charities are you most attached to and why?
LB: I am Ambassador to the American Humane Association. I love this animal charity because it focuses on protecting children AND animals.  Additionally, I am President and co-founder of Animal Aid of the United States (www.animalaidusa.org).  I love this organization because it focuses on two important initiatives:  finding homes for homeless pets and legislation to stop animal cruelty.

KDH:  What is the greatest part about your job? Alternately, if you could snap your fingers and instantly have another career~ what would be your dream job?
LB: Helping animals! What could be better than that? I actually have my dream job, but if I had to choose another job I would be President.  Not because it’s my dream job, but because I would have the power to make significant changes in how animals and people are treated.



KDH:  What are your travel plans for spring? Any major Royal Treatment events?
LB: I will be traveling to Florida [that’s where HSN is filmed], Los Angeles and of course the Hamptons.  The next pet event I have is a new pet show I’m working on which will give viewers an inside look at what it’s like being in the pet industry. The show will focus on many charity events that Royal Treatment and Animal Aid will sponsor, including what I believe will be the largest adoption caravan to take place July 11-16th.

KDH:  If you could have any famous dog star in your new ad campaign who would you choose?
LB: ClarkG, the talking dog who loves his bacon treats.  What’s ironic, is that I do have him! Together we will be launching a new line called, ClarkG and Me. It will contain treats, grooming products and bedding.  Best of all, a portion of all proceeds will go to support spay and neuter throughout the US.


*To order Royal Treatment or follow Lorenzo’s animal loving blog, and hear about his upcoming events, go to www.royalpetclub.com, and to find out more information about the July Adoption Caravan go to: www.animalaidofusa.org