This new and exciting exhibition, titled “e-qui-libri-um: The Exhibition that Transcends the Balance between Feeling and Thinking!” explores the importance of finding a balance between feeling and thinking in our lives. KDHamptons has more details on the exhibition below…

The artist, Rafael, says that the feeling is symbolized in his “work via the human heart in its anatomical form, representing our essence, beliefs, and values. Just as the arteries of the heart evoke the roots of tree, we must root our ethos and values to have a solid foundation for personal growth.”

“Sometimes, we may find shortcuts or faster paths to get there, but that may require us to set aside our essence and what we believe in. This can lead to an imbalance in our lives. It means finding harmony between our emotions and intuitions (feeling) and our rational goals and objectives (thinking). When we can balance these two aspects, we are able to act in accordance with our essence while pursuing our dreams,” explains Rafael.

This exhibition is an invitation to reflect on how we can find this balance, honoring our essence and values while pursuing our goals. It serves as a reminder that we should not neglect our emotions and intuitions in the pursuit of success but rather integrate them into our decision-making process and personal growth.

The exhibition will take place on August 4th at 87 Powell Ave Southampton, NY from 5pm-8pm. For more information on the artist, visit his Instagram page HERE.