Hamptons Life & Recovery Coach Natasha Silver Bell Launches Due North Quest Summer Program



The Due North Quest  summer program believes that “the journey makes the man”. This moving summer program was created to support young returning men from boarding schools or struggling men to find clear steps towards their future. Hamptons Life and Recovery Coach Natasha Silver Bell partners with Former US Navy Seal, Thad Turner to help young men have a successful transition into manhood by engaging in intensive, personalized and one-to-team experience to develop extreme stamina, determination, and personal strength by group training.

Natasha Silver Bell
Natasha Silver Bell

KDHamptons: What inspired you to create this program?

Natasha Silver Bell: In my work with young men, I have increasingly noticed a gap in their development created by a lack of clear structure for them to transition between boy to man. In the past, there were more options for young men 18 years and up via mandated military involvement. Whether fighting on the front lines or working behind the scenes, young men experienced a “wake-up” even just during the boot camp and training which provided them with a much needed experience of real transformation. We created the quest in response to the lack of resources for young men in the modern age, as a rite of passage for these young men to gain clarity, drive, a sense of purpose and discipline. It is a part navy seal training and part self-discovery(and development) summer intensive which provides an essential support system via strong male role models during the duration of the quest and beyond.

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“My time with Thad and Clint was something I could never forget. I learned more about myself than I could have in any traditional setting. I made brothers while I was there,” shares a participant.

KDHamptons: Describe your typical candidate?

Natasha Silver Bell: This particular program is just for young men ages 18 and up and I do not go on the trips. They are accompanied by Thad Turner, US NAVY Seal and Clint Stout, wilderness expert and a group of other strong male role models who come and speak at fireside talks nightly during the domestic portion. During the oversees humanitarian relief portion they are accompanied by Thad Turner again, as well as Bazzel Baz, president of ARC.

Due North Quest

KDHamptons: How is the program priced and how many participants per trip?

Natasha Silver Bell: Due North Quest is run in two segments- Domestic and Oversees. They are priced separately and because the program is customizable to each participant, some participants choose to go a bit longer or shorter during the domestic mission and opt in or out of the oversees portion. Each segment runs generally between 1-2 weeks. We keep missions to 1-2 participants each run through to keep it personalized and customizable to best suit individual growth and need.

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For more information visit The Due North Quest website HERE

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