I LOVE TO GIVE AND RECEIVE BEAUTIFUL BOOKS  FOR CHRISTMAS!  And at the TOP of my list this year is Drawbertson – Sofa King Great, a great, big, beautiful art book by my longtime friend, artist, and instafamous legend, Donald Robertson. He shares, “I have waited forever to pull together a second book. It’s not that I don’t have enough content. I crank shit out. The problem was finding the right people to help me mimic my beautiful first book,” shares artist and author Donald Robertson. “Then after some really bad rejections from the biggest players (ouch), I remembered my designer of the first book had started her own printing house. Camile Dubois, Print New York! DONE.”

“It ain’t easy organizing 400 hundred pages of artworks. My style is all over the place. This book actually has ADD. We designed it that way. So brace yourself. Also, it’s more like a sculpture. A work of art then a book, says me. I love it. I was driving my kids and their friends around when someone in the back seat said ‘sofa king great!’ I didn’t get it at first. The kids were all snickering. When I figured it out, I thought to myself “book 2 title! Done.”

KDHamptons also has a column in Hamptons Real Estate Showcase magazine, and included the hot seller in my 2023 GIFT GUIDE.

“I had also spent the winter in a lovely gallery space at the bougie Royal Poinciana Plaza in Palm Beach. When I applied for a gallery permit the name ‘DONALD’ was rejected. (He is literally down the street at Mar-a-lago! Ha.) So I reapplied and got the name ‘Drawbertson’ approved.” Not a bad idea. Now Introducing… Drawbertson – Sofa King Great. Donald’s first book sold out and is going for $800 on eBay FYI. This one is 300 bucks. The presale numbers are crazy. Take that to everyone who says art books don’t sell! They do! This collectible tome just launched on Dec 14th in NYC at Bergdorf Goodman. Stop by and pick up your copy today! The link to purchase the book can be found HERE.

Donald and KDHamptons at his last gallery show in the Hamptons.