NEW KDHamptons Fashion Obsession: 5 Perfect Pieces You Need In Your Summer Jewelry Box



The idea that you can “carry love with you” permeates every piece of Devon Woodhill jewelry.  When it comes to accessorizing, haute Hamptons girls keep their style personalized, slightly understated, and with a focus on craftsmanship, which is why we love the Devon Woodhill collection. Founder and designer, Melissa Levy shares, “I believe that the giver of a Devon Woodhill gift also gets to share in some of that sense of connectedness and love…imagining the recipient, what they will bring to the piece, and what they will get from it…the sense that love will always be with them.” Levy shares five fabulous jewelry trends that you’ll need in your summer jewelry box, below.

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“In our world of fleeting images, there is something solid + meaningful about carrying love with you, in a locket, close to your heart, always. Simple, modern, timeless,” shares Melissa.


“Wear who you are. Modern signet rings are your personal signature. Authentic, expressive, true.”

“Bracelets identify and remind us of where we came from, who we are + where we are going. Strong, circular, lasting.”


“Because different days call for different hardware, we offer options. You add the meaning. Layer up.”

“Not a stud + not a hoop. Like life, our earrings are a hybrid for everyday. Modern classics for every moment. Subtle + eye-catching,” says Levy.