Designer Jessica Gersten Creates Zen Sanctuary for New York Couple in Wainscott

Design by Tori Golub

A well lived in and loved home is an ever evolving project, which can be a good thing. Taking your time to design and change the decor, style, and needs of your home can lead you to the perfect finish. Chris Schlank and Amy Zhen are a NYC real estate power couple with discerning eyes for what they like and recently gave their Hamptons home a happy little facelift. 

 After working with interior designer Jessica Gersten to decorate their NYC apartment, the couple reunited with her to give their Wainscott vacation home a fresh new look for the upstairs bedrooms and baths pictured here (above and below).

The Hamptons vacation home is bright and cozy, dotted with custom dressers, beds and more. It’s the perfect getaway for a high-powered couple and their kids, creating a clean and airy escape from the city.

With big real estate resumes, the couple has very discerning eyes for what they like. In the downstairs guest room, Chris wanted a space where his mom would feel comfortable. With a slightly more classic feel, Jessica paired BDDW bronze nightstands with Caste Designs steel lamps and a Moroccan flatware rug from Marc Phillips and a custom bed made of Holland and sherry fabric while the other room includes a custom bed, rug by Woven, side table by Samuel Amoa and a horsehair sconce.  The dresser was custom made by Robert Pluhowski.

Focusing on the two kids rooms and two guest rooms, Jessica created a classic feel of lightness to the home. In the teen boy’s room, Jessica made a custom bed out of walnut and cowhide and custom blackened tree stump side tables. The lamps are suede and brass, accented by a flat weave rug and Zak and Fox printed shades.

In the girls room, a corner bed was custom made in De la Cuona fabric, coordinating with a bleached goat rug. The side table and wall light add an abstract focal point while maintaining the breezy feel of the room.  The dresser in this room is also a custom made dresser by Robert Pluhowski furniture.

The new look blends seamlessly with the rest of the beautiful beach house which was designed by Tori Golub (below).