My Hamptons

Dave & Sue Birdsall

Occupation: Farrier and manufacturer of horse hoof products, respectively

Current Residence: Water Mill

Sue Birdsall
farm stand
fresh pasta


KDHamptons: How long have you been living in the Hamptons? Why do you love it so much?

Dave & Sue Birdsall: We have lived in the Hamptons for 4o years. When we moved here, we could not get over how wonderful the farm community was and how so many people went out of their way to welcome us.  The years of raising our children here were very special.  We have three adult married children and six grandchildren.  Two of our children live in Sag Harbor and our youngest son and family moved to Tennessee last year to be near St Jude for the treatment of their son. The Water Mill Community Club would have a lot to offer kids and the whole family would help with the yearly fundraiser as well as other fun events.  It was great and of course, we all love the beach.



KDHamptons: Please describe your connection to St. Jude’s and the fantastic event you are planning for summer 2015?

Dave & Sue: In June 2013, our grandson, Drew Birdsall, was diagnosed with leukemia one week before his third birthday.  We always knew and heard about St Jude, but until we had that personal connection and got to see it for ourselves, we had no idea how great a place it is.   Everything is for the children and that is their top priority while being treated for cancer and other serious diseases  The fact that the parents do not have to worry about the bills when they are going through so much already, is so important.  Because of this, we are planning a fundraiser this summer on July 11th at 1143 Deerfield Road, Water Mill, in hope of giving back a portion of all that has been given to our grandson and many other children.



KDHamptons: How would you describe your perfect Hamptons day?

Dave & Sue: Our favorite day is joining friends and tailgating at the beach on Sundays.



KDHamptons: What is your favorite Hamptons restaurant?

Dave & Sue: We love the American Hotel in Sag Harbor for special occasions and regularly enjoy Paul’s Italian Restaurant in Southampton.



KDHamptons:  Do you like to entertain at home? What do you like to cook most?

Sue: I do enjoy entertaining and when we have the time, I enjoy making sauerbraten and potato balls which take all day to prepare.   A unique treat for a winter meal.



KDHamptons: What is your little secret about the Hamptons?

Dave & Sue: Well it’s no real secret, but Fellingham’s and Paul’s are two great local restaurants that you go to see everyone in town.



KDHamptons: What does your winter Hamptons lifestyle look like?

Sue: Over the years, Dave’s work would take us to Florida.  A good percentage of his customers would take their horses to Florida for the winter.  When Dave started going their over 28 years ago, Wellington was dirt roads and pretty remote.  It is completely different today and unbelievable how it has grown surrounding the winter show grounds. Since semi-retirement, we are here more often than before.


* For more information on St. Judes please click HERE and stay tuned to KDHamptons for details on the upcoming event this summer.