Cimelia Creations: A Handcrafted Jewelry Collection Launches In Santa Cruz


It’s always inspiring to learn about young female entrepreneurs who are creating new brands. Let’s meet Amelia Busenhart, a 21 year old college student who has launched her own jewelry collection. “I am from Santa Cruz CA, and am the founder of Cimelia Creations. My obsession with jewelry began in my moms jewelry box around the age of 7. Being in and out of the water my whole life makeup was never really an option, and jewelry gave me an extra sense confidence and way to express myself.  As my graduation at UCSB gets closer I decided to put my efforts into creating my brand, Cimelia Creations.”

“All of my jewelry is made with 14K GF wire that is bonded to sterling silver to ensure that it will not tarnish, even after being worn in the salt water for hours. Many of my pieces include seaglass, shells and anything else related to the ocean! My overall dream is to create enough of an outreach that I can begin selling my jewelry to contribute to conserving our ocean.”

“When COVID hit I moved back home and had more free time than I could’ve imagined. That is when I started focusing on my jewelry and decided to create Cimelia Creations. Jewelry makes me feel beautiful, and gives me confidence, and those are feelings I think everyone should experience. To shop the full collection please visit HERE.”