The Most Charming Custom Garden Houses by Hillbrook Collections


“I grew up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in an elegant farmhouse and barn built in 1733.  My parents are very aesthetic and taught my siblings and I about  all things beautiful – gardens, art, homes, books,” Hillbrook Collections founder Alison Caribasi tells KDHamptons. “When I was a freshman at college in Virginia, sadly our barn burned down. The Amish rebuilt the barn just like in the movie Witness.  When my children all left for college in 2013, I started using their craftsmanship to build my Garden Houses for Hillbrook Collections.”Alison adds, “Having a garden house of my own inspired me to offer several designs that are both American and European in style. In Europe, many gardens are accented with a beautiful garden folly which is not only useful, but also completes and adds an aesthetic touch to the property as a whole.  This is the purpose of my collection – to add a charming and practical addition to your home and garden that you will treasure for years to come.”

 “Each garden house is handcrafted of fine woods, completely built and delivered to your site.  Great attention is paid to a well finished product.  We also specialize in customization so any design is possible.  Time spent in my garden house is always a pleasant and satisfying moment and I know it will be for you too.”

“Each Garden House is unique and no two are alike. I like to add architectural elements from my clients home and incorporate them into the design.  Inspirations come from travel, books – anything visually pleasant! In addition, my clients challenge and inspire me constantly. I have met so many wonderful people.   It’s quite satisfying creating a positive product that gives my clients so much happiness,” says Alison.

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