Casamigos Tequila and the Culinistas Create Roving Hamptons Ceviche Cycle


Casamigos Tequila and the Culinistas bring a Ceviche Cycle to the Hamptons this summer. Specialty Casamigos cocktails alongside a menu of ceviches kick off any backyard BBQ, Sunday brunch, family gathering or pool party to create the ultimate roving summer party.

The Culinistas is a full-service, in-home private chef company committed to hospitality and facilitating private chef services, making healthy eating with friends & family easy and accessible. The Culinistas provides all the benefits of a full-time chef without the cost and time required to manage a full-time employee. The founders share, “We recognize that every household is different and personalize the experience from start to finish so your household is getting the food they want, the way they want it.”

How it works:

Choose 3 ceviche; Chose 1 specialty Casamigos cocktail. The Culinistas deliver the cycle to your location. Chef will prep ceviche/snacks in your home. The Culinistas will supply a waiter to serve ceviche and drinks from the cycle 


Spicy Guacamole: avocado, cilantro, jalapeño, onion, lime, cumin, corn chips

Red Snapper Ceviche: red snapper, avocado, cilantro, grapefruit, red onion, lime 

Scallop & Cucumber Ceviche: scallop, cucumber, mint, green apple, serrano chile, lemon, timut 

White Fish & Squash Ceviche: red snapper, yellow squash, avocado, fresno chile, basil, lemon, cumin

Tequila Shrimp Salad: shrimp, bell pepper, onion, cilantro, lime, lemon, cayenne

Meet The Culinistas:
With over a decade of experience as a private chef, caterer, cookbook author, and restaurant veteran, Jill Donenfeld is a hospitality expert with global perspective. She has written four cookbooks, including “Better on Toast” and “Party Like a Culinista”, as well as international cookbook titles in Madagascar and India. Jill co-founded Bottarga Dell’Isola, which makes Italian-style cured fish roe for Eataly, and ran the kitchen at Villa Lena in Tuscany. Now, as culinary and creative lead for The Culinistas, Jill is bridging the gap for busy, urban households by giving them access to delicious, balanced, and routinely home-cooked meals.

By combining her business acumen, love of food, and entrepreneurial spirit, Tiana Tenet has brought structure and scalability to The Culinistas, now quickly expanding into New York City and Hamptons households. Prior to co-founding The Culinistas with Jill Donenfeld in 2017, Tiana spent five years as a financial advisor and consultant with families and entrepreneurs at J.P. Morgan, watching firsthand as busy mothers struggled to get healthy, delicious meals on the table for their families. Tiana saw how to leverage and grow Jill’s private chef placement agency into The Culinistas, a tech-enabled, scalable business making customized private chef services an approachable household ritual. Her business philosophy is centered on delivering the best high-touch customer service and bringing her advisory experience to The Culinistas customer service model. Prior to J.P. Morgan, Tiana spent a summer cooking in a Tuscan kitchen, assisted on the set of Giada at Home, and contributed to Food Network Magazine.