KDHamptons At-Home: Southampton Style Maven Rita Schrager Shares Her 'Casa Cuba'!




Rita Schrager's Casa Cuba in Southampton




KDHamptons would describe former New York City Ballet dancer, Rita Schrager’s personal style as comfortably chic and sexy ~ and her Southampton Colonial compound reflects that same aesthetic. Set on green, rolling horse farm hills, Casa Cuba comprises a stately main house where Rita, and daughters Sophia, 19 and Ava, 15 spend their laid back summers, as well as a large guest house, a smaller gate house called “The African Room,” and a mini-maisonette that looks straight out of Alice In Wonderland.  Also prancing around the property, you will find Lili the Pug, Paco the Beagle, and Snow Ball the glamorous white pussycat.




Rita Schrager gives a pug hug to Lili





Casa Cuba estate is comprised of the glorious main house (above) and two guest houses.




Lush rolling hills extend down to a tennis court.




Rita shares, “My favorite thing to do is fill my home with friends and family- and just stay in! We love to sit by the pool, cook, and have sunset cocktail parties.” At any given time, if you stop by Rita’s, her home is filled with the woodsy smell of Elton John Fireside candles wafting in the air, an intimate group of beautiful, tan-skinned characters are lounging poolside, and a mix of Latin, Opera, and Brazilian music is playing softly in the background.







Hernan shares, “Incorporating an old beautiful piece into a modern room allows you to mix genres and periods to create a magical space."




A collection of pieces made of horn from a trip to Africa.



Rita tapped best friend and interior designer, Hernan Arriaga, to create the sophisticated yet casual combo of white, nude, and natural-toned décor. The equally sexy, Argentinian born Arriaga tells KDH, “I love the imperfection of natural things- the curves, the colors, the shapes- those details are my inspiration, the beginning of what I can create.”



Haute Hamptons style: A plush white living room.







Dominque Isserman photos of the girls line the entryway.




A favorite collection in Rita's home is this grouping of antique crosses which sit on her fireplace mantle.



Casa Cuba is filled with a mix of 19th-Century French antiques, many of which have been lacquered in white, reclaimed wood works, and contemporary pieces that Rita has collected globetrotting with her girls. “Incorporating an old beautiful piece into a modern room allows you to mix genres and periods to create a magical space full of memories and great taste that is immediately followed by an incredible touch of glamour,” muses Arriaga.







Mecox Gardens is a great resource for earthy bowls and platters. Mixing similar tones creates a pretty palate in Rita's dining room hutch.




A 19th century wine-tasting table from Bloom



Hernan acquired a large amount of the pieces for Casa Cuba in the Hamptons: the antler chandelier is from English Country Antiques, the dining room chairs and outdoor dining table are from Georgica Creek Antiques, and the French cabinet is from Hamptons Antique Galleries. Miami and NYC were the source of other major pieces including: the white oversized living room sofas and chairs by Jalan Jalan, a Bobo Intriguing Objects Wine Barrel Mirror in the foyer, the Tobacco Room’s shearling rug from DDC, and a 19th century wine-tasting table from Bloom completes the dining room.




Longtime friends Rita, Hernan and little Lilo hang out on the back porch of Casa Cuba during a Thanksgiving holiday.




“Rita loves strong shapes and natural materials. We chose the Leaf pool chaises from Dedon for a modern, sexy look,” says Hernan. A local Southampton sculptor was commissioned to create the mysterious, metal tree sculpture which Schrager aptly named, “My Climbing Man.” [below]







Dedon Leaf Chaises




The "Climbing Man" iron sculpture




Summer dinner parties are served al fresco.




Rita Schrager porchside with her beagle boy, Paco.




The four-bedroom guest house






The carriage house clearly represents a different look, offering more of a Hamptons 
“family feel” for guests to nest.  Hernan shares, “We didn’t feel a need to marry the style of all three houses at Casa Cuba. The spirit of the design comes from all of the things that are important to Rita.”






Hernan flies in from Miami each summer for summer pot planting..




A maisonette of the main house served as a sleepover party room when the girls were younger.




Rita shares, “the living room is definitely my favorite room to look at, and the Tobacco Room [below] is my favorite room to hang out in. I knew I wanted a Cuban room to remind me of growing up, so we decide to collage the walls with tobacco leaves and lacquer them to the walls!”  The result? A hip hangout that feels like a sexy lounge in Little Havana.




The Tobacco Room






“As much as we love our city life, when the girls and I are here in Southampton, we feel like we are home,” Rita tells KDH.


*To see more of Hernan Arriaga’s work go to www.hernanarriaga.com