The Chic NEW Fall Collection by Bunny Williams Home


There are two quotes that run through my mind when creating the pieces for Bunny Williams Home. They are “God is in the details,” and “The devil is in the details,” shares Bunny Williams. “Whether it is furniture, objects, architecture, jewelry, gardens, or interiors, it is always the unique and unusual details that catch my eye and make me return to them over and over for inspiration. Our Creative Director Kyle Marshall and I pour over interesting shapes, finishes, patterns, and carvings, pinpointing details that we hope to someday incorporate into our collection. In the end, it is always the details that one remembers that make something unique and special and this is always the driving force in creating our collection.”

The designer adds, “Then there is the “devil” in the details: The multiple revisions to our drawings to make sure each shape, line, and carving is translated into a form that can be produced; The visits to our factories to view prototypes where more adjustments are made so that each piece would be exactly the way we envisioned.  We hope you will enjoy exploring this new collection for the Fall of 2021, and fall in love with the details that caught our eye and imagination.” To shop the full collection visit