Best Summer Books About Our Furry Friends


KDH readers are so devoted to their dogs. How many times have we wished we could know what our precious pets are really thinking? Charline Spektor [owner of BookHampton] offers these three tomes to help us get one step closer. Perhaps Barnum [the cocker spaniel rescue puppy who works at all 3 BookHampton locations with mom Ashley] lent a paw in choosing this dog days of summer reading list:

For the psychology lover: Inside of a Dog by Alexandra Horowitz ($27)

Inside of a Dog” is the most brilliant book about the behavior and psychology of both dogs and their owners.  This book might help you discover why your dog is particularly sensitive to your emotions, gaze, and body language.

For the moralist: The Bond by Wayne Pacelle ($27)

Pacelle, the president of the Humane Society of the United States, has a unique view towards animals and our attachment to them. He argues humans need to protect animals under any and every circumstance.

For the family: Dogs by Tim Flach ($50)

Famous photographer Flach uses images to allow the reader to delve “deep into the psyche” of man’s best friend. Spektor shares, “An incredibly beautiful and creative book… it is the very best!”