Bassett McNab Introduces the Woodlands Collection of Fabrics, Transporting Interiors to Blooming Escapes


The 2022 launch uncovers a never before printed archival design, refreshes quintessential classics, and debuts all new fabric offerings marked by elegance and comfort.

Bassett McNab, renowned for its traditional florals and classic toiles that adorned fine homes for more than a century, introduces WOODLANDS, its 2022 fabric collection. Celebrating nature and the connection and escape it affords us, the Woodlands collection is anchored by three floral prints and supported by a stack of charming embroideries, lush wovens and timelessly tailored stripes. A mix of organic and geometric patterns narrate the story of trailing garden paths and formal European parterres.

The grand dame of the collection, “Veranda”, is an archival print redesigned and colored for a softer, more modern, edited feel. “Veranda” is hand printed on fine glazed cotton. Aptly named for that ubiquitous Southern porch with garden views of grand magnolias, “Veranda” is a quintessential Bassett McNab classic.

The artwork for “Wandering Rose ”, the second stand-out floral in the collection, was discovered in the Bassett McNab archives. Originally a handpainted gouache on paper, “Wandering Rose” had never been adapted for print. Inspired by an 1800s English porcelain, the print has a fine china delicacy to it and a bit of whimsical fantasy attributable to the petite creatures surreptitiously hidden throughout its flora.

“Lilacs”,the third floral design of the collection is credited to American textile artist, John H. Jacoby, rumored to have created Scarlet’s infamous staircase in “Gone with the Wind. Despiteits archival origins, “Lilac’s” soft natural colorings and delicately branching foliage would enhance both modern and classic settings.

“The Woodlands collection conveys the connection and escape nature offers uswhether on a rooftop retreat or a in woodland wonderland,” says Anne HahnWaddell, Bassett McNab creative director. “The organic color palette blends elegant and casual design; you’ll see colors that emulate soft skies, garden greens, deep blues and neutrals that span from stoney beiges to  ruffledfeather greys. These colors bring a sense of joy, calm and comfort to our lives, reminding us that elegance doesn’t have to be stuffy!