KDHamptons Design: At Home With All-American Anchorman Chris Wragge


Chris Wragge


“My Bridgehampton home is such a safe haven for me.  As soon as I open the front door, I breathe a huge sigh and say ‘it’s so good to be home’,” Chris Wragge shares with KDHamptons. Wragge co-anchors CBS 2 News This Morning, and CBS 2 News At Noon with Mary Calvi, so when he hits the Hamptons for the weekend with his fiancé Sarah Siciliano, he is ready to unwind with family and friends. “Bridget Hamilton of Hamilton Interior Design did such an amazing job of making the house warm and inviting.  It just feels right − the colors, the layout….everyone who stays over feels just like I do, ‘at home’.  It has a beach house feel that is second to none.”  Bridget shares the inspiration behind the All-American anchorman’s abode in this NEW KDHamptons Design Diary, below: 


Chris Wragge


“I asked Bridget to make the beach house comfortable with a little wow factor, and to make me want to spend every free moment of my life there. Mission accomplished!” says Chris.


Chris Wragge


Bridget shares, “Each project I work on encompasses a selection of the finest range of furnishings, complimentary color palettes, and unique design elements, specifically sourced and selected to be coordinated with each client’s needs.  With offices in New York, the Hamptons, Miami, and LA, Hamilton Interior Design is a full service firm, with the ability to take full control of a project form renovations to remodels.  We have been featured on NBC, LXTV, HGTV, Million Dollar Listing NYC, Haute Living Magazine, NY Post and Creative 8.”





Chris Wragge


KDHamptons: How would you describe your Hamptons design aesthetic?  Please share a bit of the backstory of how you worked together with Chris.

Bridget Hamilton: Chris and I first started working together seven years ago when I redesigned his Manhattan apartment. He asked me to come in and take him back to his earlier years, where his family created a colorful, cozy, unique home where he would feel comfortable. We started with building texture, including adding brick to the walls to bring depth. I can say with certainty that Chris didn’t enjoy the construction, however he was ecstatic when it was done. The greatest thing about a client like Chris is that he has a sense of what the outcome should feel like, I was just the guide to getting him there. When he closed on his Bridgehampton home, we both set out to bring the success of his city apartment design to his Hamptons retreat.


Chris Wragge


Chris Wragge


KDHamptons:  Share a bit of the backstory of how you and Chris worked together?

Bridget: Chris has such a wonderful understanding of what he likes.  We developed a trust level to the point where I was able to have creative liberty.  I was able to choose the palette and he actually bought some of the previous homeowner’s furnishings.  We incorporated these pieces to save on time and expenses.  To his design credit, if you tell Chris that a piece does not work, he listens.  The design in this home is meant to reflect his love of family and friends.  Chris is a “comfort” creature…things can look good, but they better feel great.  He loves to entertain and wants his guests to feel like they walked into their own home.


Chris Wragge


KDHamptons: Was this a new construction home? How long did the project take?

Bridget: The Wragge retreat took two months from start to finish.  It was not a new construction project, however ,I have worked closely with numerous clients from the ground up.  On new construction, I am often brought in while the house is still in plan phase where I partner with architects to incorporate the family living needs.  I try to look at the project and flow to make suggestions as to furniture and function.  New construction is a pure joy as the homeowners are afforded every opportunity to blend their ideas into a living structure.


Sarah Siciliano, Chris Wragge


When Chris isn’t entertaining house guests with his fiancée Sarah, you’ll find him running east end triathlons, cheering for the Giants, feasting on pasta at Tutto Il Giorno in Sag Harbor, or lending a hand to the many charitable causes he supports.


Chris Wragge


KDHamptons:  Share some of the local resources you acquired pieces from?

Bridget:  Chris and I agreed that we really wanted to use local artisans for this project.  I relied on RumRunner Home for accessories and larger furnishings.  Fishers for luxurious linens and pillows, Serena & Lilly for out of this world different prints and Hampton Rugs for floor coverings.  We grounded the house with sisal rugs and rich neutral linen furniture and then layered it with color in fabulous throw pillows and blankets which allows Chris to tweak the color palette according to the season.


Chris Wragge


Chris Wragge


KDHamptons: Is the artwork in the home produced by east end artists?

Bridget:  We really sourced a lot of pieces from The Annyx in Sag Harbor & Kryn Olsen, who is a school teacher in Sag Habor and unbelievable artist.  I also acquired a great piece from Cheryl Hazan Gallery in NYC, which is my go to for unique pieces that are timeless.


Chris Wragge


KDHamptons: What are your three easy design tips to make a home feel more personal?

Bridget: Here you go…

1. Add accessories/color that are a reflection of your personal taste.

2. Choose artwork and photographs that you love.

3. Incorporate fresh flowers and candles that compliment your style.


Chris Wragge

“We used mostly local tradesmen and shops to complete my home.  I wanted to give back to the community that makes me feel so tranquil, and welcomed me from the moment I arrived in Bridgehampton,” says Chris.  


KDHamptons:  Where can our readers learn more about your work? 

Bridget:  They can find me at: www.HamiltonInteriorDesign.com, on Twitter, Instagram, HGTV, Million Dollar Listing NYC, NBC, and the best is yet to come true….on KDHamptons!


Chris Wragge and Sarah

Chris and Sarah will be married this summer.  Congrats!