DON'T MISS IT! Ashley McGee Curates Hamptons Healing Arts Retreat May 19-21


As summer approaches, the desire for extra time to focus on relaxation and zen, rises. With kids being out of school, the days growing longer, and the hot temperatures becoming more frequent, it is important to set aside time for ourselves where we can recharge and connect with our body and mind. Ashley McGee, Yoga Teacher, Healing Artist, and Curator, has just announced a partnership with the design firm, Bema Concept Studio, that will allow you to do just that. McGee and Bema Concept Studio will be hosting a two night, three day Healing Arts Retreat in East Hampton this May 19-21 with unique access to two luxe, exquisite sanctuaries provided by Bema Concept Studio. The retreat is an avant-garde experience authentically and artfully curated by Ashley McGee.

Ashley McGee’s training is through premier studio, Yoga Shanti where Ashley began studying with world-renowned teachers, Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman Yee. Ashley resides in Montauk, New York where she teaches private sessions, group classes, and curates special events around the Hamptons.  In the Winter, she leads retreats in Playa Guiones Nosara, Costa Rica. Ashley collaborates with Musicians, Artists, Floral Designers, Reiki Masters, Astrology Readers, and Filmmakers who compliment her offerings. Ashley’s yoga sessions integrate an Iyengar-based approach, flow, meditation, sounds, and Sanskrit mantra chanting with her harmonium. She is inspired by anatomical alignment and inquiry of the subtle.

Ashley creates an environment where participants have the time and space to feel the internal essence of the poses and to tune the body like a musical instrument. Ashley’s teaching style is known for being challenging yet serene, calm yet with invigorating precision. Students and clients describe Ashley as a ray of light, her sessions as a transcendent experience, and her hands as safe, strong, intuitive and gentle. Ashley values yoga as a science and integration of the physical, mental, moral, and spiritual well-being of humans. Ashley’s background is largely rooted in creating artful, unexpected experiences where there is a shift from when the participant enters and exits.

The newly announced partnership between the yoga instructor and Bema Concept Studio, leverages McGee’s creative vision, her extensive and diverse roots among the creative community, and her expertise in creating artful, unexpected experiences where there is a shift from when the participant enters and exits.  McGee feels that this is a unique opportunity to experience “The Hamptons in a conscious environment.” The Yoga teacher says “this is a unique opportunity to escape one’s ‘to do list’ and the day-to-day dramas while retreating where we live.”

McGee promises that guests will “undoubtedly feel more connected to themselves and the broader collective” after experiencing the retreat.  Lisa Mascali, a client who recently joined McGee’s YOGA + SURF + ART Retreat in Playa Guiones Nosara, Costa Rica this past Winter says “Ashley’s guidance, the lush location, and live music create a transcendent experience.”


The Retreat Includes:

– 2 nights accommodations at Bema Canyon Retreat House with access to Bema Beech Tree House (short walk away) along Three Mile Harbor

– 1-2x Daily Open-Level Asana/Pranayama/Meditation Yoga + Harmonium x Sanskrit Mantra Chanting 

– Evening Yoga Sounds by Gian Carlo (sitar/autoharp/synthesizer), Dalton Portella (guitar synth/percussion), James Ryan (rhythm machine)

– Morning Yoga With Crystal Singing Bowl Sounds by Diane Ferraro // Xylophone Sounds by Raymond Storms

– Yoga sessions enhanced by Poetica oils that honor the earth’s rhythms and use the finest ingredients from organic regenerative agriculture

– Daily gourmet meals by Private Chef, David Chaffin. Organic, Locally Sourced, Seasonal. *pescatarian, vegetarian, dairy free, gluten free, soy free.

– Guided Shadmoor Trail Hike + Atlantic Terrace Beach Walk in Montauk 

– Art Exhibit by eclectic local artists inspired by nature: Peter Spacek, Paul Brooke, Sirad Balducci

– Daily Lunar Writing Prompts + Rituals

– Outdoor Fireside, New Moon Ceremony 

– Heated Salt-Water Swimming Pool

– Tarot | Astrology Readings with Diane Ferraro 

– Painting Workshop by ArtSprings | Barbara Thomas

– Energy Cleansing with Reiki Master, Raymond Storms

– East Hampton train/jitney transfers on check in/out days

– Gift Bag with merch + sponsor gifts (Treaty CBD tinctures, Poetica mists)

– Guests receive discount @Ashley’s favorite shops: The 8th Drifter, The Shipwreck, Thriftknd, Adam Mar, Pre-Loved

– Concierge service curating authentic, wonderful experiences

*Overnight accommodations or 1 Day/2 Day/3 Day passes are available. 

To learn more about Ashley McGee and her upcoming retreat from May 19-21 visit

Images: Ashley McGee