ArtMuse Founder Natasha Schlesinger Shares 9 Must-See September Shows


Natasha Schlesinger
This week, KDHamptons checks in with Natasha Schlesinger [above], an award-winning art historian, specializing in the history of fine and decorative arts, and founder of ArtMuse, which provides art aficionados and art novices of all ages with curated art experiences all over the globe, offering art tours in a wide range of museums, collections and galleries for adults, children and families.  The east end has historically been intrinsically tied with the art world, and with the wide array of fall art shows, it is hard to know how to navigate the city’s newest and hottest exhibitions.  Natasha shares her cheat sheet of Must-See Shows in September, below:


1. Carl Andre, “In His Time” at Mnuchin Gallery
On View at Mnuchin Gallery is Carl Andre’s “In His Time”, an exhibition featuring a group of Andre’s seminal early sculptures as well as work by leading figures of the Minimalist period. Works by John Chamberlain, Dan Flavin, Donald Judd, Sol LeWitt, Robert Mangold, Brice Marden, Agnes Martin, Robert Ryman, and Frank Stella will be on view embodying the paintings and sculptures of the Minimalist contemporary masters. Suitable for all ages; 445 East 78 St; September 9-December 5, 2015.

2. Adrian Villar Rojas, “Two Suns” at Marian Goodman Gallery
Now featured at the Marian Goodman Gallery is Adrian Villar Rojas’s exhibition “Two Suns”. Known for his ephemeral site-specific installations, Argentine artist Adrian Villar Rojas uses archeological remnants that reference human culture and existence. Villar Rojas creates hybrid objects through melding clay with organic materials such as vegetables, fruit, and wood with inorganic materials, like metals and rope. Suitable for teens and adults; 24 W 57th St #4; September 9-October 10, 2015.


3. Frank Stella, “Shape as Form” at Paul Kasmin Gallery
Stella’s show at Paul Kasmin Gallery includes a career-spanning selection of pieces from his most pivotal bodies of work, the iconic square paintings from the 1960s-70s. The work on view explores the historical importance of Frank Stella’s paintings and includes large single and double canvases from Stella’s Concentric Square and Mitered Maze Series. Visit the Paul Kasmin Gallery and experience some of the most renowned art of Stella’s career. Suitable for all ages; 293 10th Avenue; September 10-October 10, 2015.

4. Agathe Snow, “Coyote Ugly” at Albertz Benda
Snow’s exhibition at Albertz Benda “Coyote Ugly” is an immersive installation exploring the array of experiences that surround the American dream. Thematized on illegal immigration, this bi-weekly performance presented every Saturday afternoon and Wednesday evening offers both a face and voice to illegal immigrants. Suitable for teens and adults. 515 W 26 St; September 10-26, 2015.


5. Katherine Bernhardt, “Pablo and Efrain” at Venus Over Manhattan
Walking into this exhibit you are intoxicated by the tropical vibrancy of Bernhardt’s work. The acrylic and spray paint canvases are inspired by the artist’s residency in Puerto Rico and depict the exotic flora and fauna of the island. Sultry and wild, the exhibition is an overwhelmingly bright experience. Suitable for all ages; 980 Madison Avenue; September 9-October 24, 2015.

6. Chuck Close “Recent work” at Pace Gallery
Chuck Close at Pace Gallery is a definite must see for September exhibitions. Close’s recent work will be featured at his sixteenth exhibition with Pace Gallery. In his recent body of work Close is reinventing techniques he first developed in the 70’s and 80’s. He utilizes the grid as an organizing device and layers colors in singular brush strokes. Close’s technique is a layering colors of red, yellow, and blue until they accumulate and create full-color images. Suitable for all ages; 334 West 25 St; September 11-October 17, 2015.


7. Will Ryman, “Two Rooms” at Paul Kasmin Gallery
Will Ryman’s exhibition at Paul Kasmin Gallery consists of two impressive installations, “Situation Room” (2012-14) and “Classroom” (2015). “Situation Room” is a life-sized sculpture in black coal of the scene in the White House’s intelligence chamber during the raid on Osama Bin Laden. The other, “Classroom” represents humanity in its various iterations. The comprised of casts of 12 figures, each made from a different economically significant material speaks to both our inner sameness and our outward differences. Suitable for ten years and older; 515 West 27 Street; September 10-October 17, 2015.

8. Roy Lichtenstein, “Greene Street Mural” at Gagosian Gallery
In December 1983, Lichtenstein created Greene Street Mural, a, site-specific, and temporary wall painting measuring 18′ × 96 1/2′ at the Castelli Gallery at 142 Greene Street. The work was later destroyed after the six-week show. More than 30 years later, Gagosian Gallery will present to a new generation of viewers a full-scale painted replica of the original work. The exhibition will feature the panoramic mural as well as related drawings, studies, paintings, and sculptures of the period. Suitable for all ages; 555 West 24 St; September 10-October 17, 2015.


9. Takuro Kuwata at Salon 94
Takuro Kuwata leaves much to chance through a process of leaving the thickly glazed surfaces of his clay objects to explore when baked in the kiln. Kuwata’s goal is to “create joyful and fun works, by making the mot use of the characteristics of the materials.” Check out Kuwata’s work at Salon 94 and experience the metallic vessels of different stone and metallic, glossy glaze. Suitable for all ages; 1 Freeman Alley; September 9-October 24, 2015.

ArtMuse offers customized and curated private tours to these fall exhibitions as well as ongoing exhibits across New York City. Please contact to reserve.