Alejandra Rossetti’s Haute Holiday Hamptons Home


It’s amazing to think about how many fun, talented, and stylish people I have met through Instagram.  And the funniest part is that sometimes they live just around the bend and I had never met them otherwise! Case in point (Towd Point, that is), last summer I was catching a sunset at my friend Melanie Brandman’s chic beach house on the bay at Towd Point in Southampton. After checking the location tag I discovered Alejandra Rossetti’s fabulous insta (@alejandrarossetti), and she was just up the street. Ha! #instafriendship

Alejandra is an executive that works for Sotheby’s but calls Towd Point home on every weekend of the year. She brought the abandoned 1910 cottage back to life by lovingly designing the interiors and the gardens. These images barely do justice to the festive and cozy atmosphere that radiates in this lovely cottage, but I convinced Alejandra to share her haute holiday design style on KDHamptons. Merry Christmas!