Adriana Fine Jewelry: Add Some Splendid Summer Sparkle!


Adriana Fine Jewelry: Splendid Summer Sparkle

KDHamptons is always happy to discover a fabulous new accessory brand, especially one that is led by a female entrepreneur. Adriana Zamudio launched Adriana Fine Jewelry in 2002 during a time of personal turmoil, “I needed to find a new path,” she shares. “This was one of those great moments, life gave me a great gift, an opportunity that I transformed into my inspiration and began the journey to create the person I am today and the business that is my life’s passion.” Adriana turned her passion for fine jewelry into a successful business where she shares her heritage and creativity. Let’s take a look and what her summer collection offers!

For her Summer collection, she presents bold pieces that mix perfectly with all your Hamptons looks. Trends for her collection include: 

Whimsical Charms on bracelets, necklaces. 
Chainlink necklaces
Personalized pieces – including rings, necklaces 
Colorful statement necklaces, rings,  earrings and necklaces 
Bold statement earrings, rings

Zamudio shares this passion with her family and together they have transformed what started as a pastime into a business where they share their happiness and memories. They transform their everyday work into joy, style, elegance, and luxury. Who doesn’t love beautiful jewelry with a beautiful backstory?

“What I love most about my job is making sure that my clients feel special and unique. Curating fine jewelry is about encountering beauty in everything I do. Finding the uniqueness in a piece of jewelry is like discovering the interior beauty in each person. Knowing that every woman is beautiful in her own way and helping them express it, is my commitment.”



Adriana believes each piece of her jewelry is more than beautiful gold and precious stones; she believes each piece tells a story and creates a memory. To shop more of her gorgeous pieces and wide assortment of jewelry, please visit here

 — Compiled by Emmy Sammons