Essential Morning & Nighttime Routines by Holistic Nutritionist and Wellness Coach, Sarah Wragge


“How do you start and end each day? Believe it or not- it’s more important than you think,” shares Sarah Wragge, a Holistic Nutritionist and Wellness Coach based in NYC and the Hamptons. “My guess is if you aren’t waking up to a child, that the moment you open your eyes you reach for your phone next to the bed and turn on email or instagram, right? So before your feet have even touched the floor the world is already demanding things of you and you aren’t calling the shots. That’s a hard way to start the day, not to mention very dis-empowering.”

Sarah Wragge with husband Chris spend weekends at their Bridgehampton home.

Sarah designs lifestyle plans that are high-touch, impactful and customized to the individual. SW programs help you achieve a new sense of well-being that unfolds beyond just yourself, making you better in all aspects of your life: in your relationships, in the work you do and the choices you make.

Sarah lays out the Essential Morning & Nighttime routine below:

And how about your wind down time? Is there such a thing? Does your phone or computer make its way into bed with you? Sometimes when our head hits the pillow at night, that’s the the first time of the whole day that we are actually quiet and this can make for disrupted, what I call “surface” sleep.

And the next morning the vicious cycle starts again….

The good news is, you’re in control of changing this. And the other good news is, you can start right now. Make these 6 small shifts and change your game completely. Wake up rested. Feel more centered, be more productive and best of all- just feel happier because YOU are calling the shots.


1. Start your day with a liter of water. Finish the whole thing before any food or coffee. Our body detoxes at nite- so in the AM it’s critical to flush those toxins.

2. Meditate – or whatever YOU want to call it – just close your eyes- set your intention for the day. What is the energy you want to show up with? Who do you want to BE when you are in DO mode.

3. Choose breakfast wisely – no high sugar refined carbs. Go for Protein, Fat + Fiber.


4. Take a hot epsom salt bath – the heat actually lowers your body temp and induced a deep sleep.

5. Take a magnesium supplement- your whole body will relax and your digestion will thank you in the AM.

6. Turn off your phone. Buy a real alarm clock and get that thing away from your bed.


Little shifts, big changes. For more, check out the full video here.