Meet Shelter Island's Hannah Berner, The Hot New Star of Bravo's Summer House

Hannah Berner, a digital marketer, content creator who stars on Bravo`s Summer House. PHOTO by: Michael Simon/

Have you been tuning in to the new season of Bravo’s Summer House, a reality show which is filmed in the Hamptons?  Well the hot new cast member is my friend Hannah Berner, who also wrote for KDHamptons a few years back. Hannah was born in Brooklyn and grew up spending summers on Shelter Island playing competitive tennis professionally, and for the University of Wisconsin.

Apart from the TV show, Hannah works as a video producer, writing, directing, editing and acting in viral comedy videos. This past winter she launched her podcast “Berning in Hell” where she interviews her guests about their insecurities, anxieties and fears.

“Summer is my favorite time of year, and what better place to spend it than the Hamptons,” says Hannah.  “ I’m a Brooklyn Native and my family has a place in Shelter Island where I have gone every summer since I was born. I’m a big foodie so I love trying out different restaurants in the Hamptons.”

“My summer favorites included: Race Lane, Vine Street Cafe, and Suki Zuki. I have a weakness for succulent scallops in the summer, especially from SALT restaurant on Shelter Island.”

Hannah’s fun loving grandmother makes lots of appearances on her instagram.

“To stay in shape, I like to jogging to Wades Beach on Shelter Island and do yoga. The beach is so calming and beautiful. At the end of the summer, the family goes clamming and then we have a party with fresh baked clams!”

“I love that I am always 15 minutes away from the water, so I plan my day around when I can relax at the beach. I love that I can get all my fruits and vegetables from local farm stands, and playing tennis, golf, doing yoga on the beach, paddle boarding, and riding my  bike is a slice of heaven to me. There is always something to do at night, whether it’s an art gallery opening, new restaurant, or charity event.”

Be sure to check out the show on Bravo on Tuesday nights at 10pm and follow Hannah on Instagram HERE