NEW KDHamptons Travel Diary: The Paddle Diva, Gina Bradley, Teaching SUP In Rincon


Paddle Diva

Motivated by her own passion for paddling, “The Paddle Diva”, Gina Bradley, started out teaching women Stand Up Paddling in East Hampton in 2009, including listening to what they wanted from the sport, and from themselves: their bodies, their careers, their hopes for their children and the world around them. Gina tells KDHamptons, “Paddle Diva is in the business of empowering women through the sport of SUP with fitness and lifestyle programs that make them feel great, both inside and out. My message to women is centered on committing to goals and celebrating one’s accomplishments, always highlighting what can be achieved when a woman puts her mind to it.” 

Starting in December 2015, The Paddle Diva relocates operations to Rincon, Puerto Rico, joining forces with Road To Happiness Surfing and Tours, to create an unrivaled vacation experience in the Caribbean. Gina shares, “We are accredited and fully insured shop. All our instructors are ASI, lifeguard and CPR certified. Many of our team compete and place in local as well as international SUP races, triathlons and adventure races.” We catch up with Gina in this NEW KDHamptons Travel Diary, below:

Paddle Diva

KDHamptons: Congrats on your new Paddle Board program in Puerto Rico, tell us about it?
Gina Bradley: Paddle Diva delivers much more than just stand up paddle boarding rentals, sales and tours. We ensure that your paddling experience is a transformation that begins with your physical well-being and progresses to your mind. Paddle Diva Rincon was started on the premise that women are underserved in stand up paddleboarding market. Women are drawn to SUP because of the ease of learning and the feeling of “walking on the water” as they silently glide along, enjoying the beautiful Rincon scenery they have never experienced before, both inward and outward.

KDHamptons:  Why are Hamptonites so obsessed with paddling?
Gina: We have more bays and calm waters that have been unexplored until now! Paddle Boarding is so ‘cool’ and it gives us the feeling like we are surfing, but not having to commit to such an intense experience! Stand Up Paddling finally gives people a reason to own a board and use it!

Paddle Diva

KDHamptons:  Why does it seem that women are more into the sport than men?
Gina: Women love this sport because its easy to learn, something you can do alone or with a group and if done frequently, gets you in great shape! Many of my clients love the social aspect of the sport and find that they get in shape and really have fun bonding with other women and friends on the water. Women also love SUP b/c finally they have a reason to go into a surf shop. They can buy a board, paddle, leash and all the fun accessories that go along with Paddling.

KDHamptons:  Which areas can we expect to see the best changes in our body?
Gina: If you paddle at least two to three times a week you will start to see changes after about a month in your core! I have women who I have seen transform their entire physique in one summer. It’s a full body work-out and when combined with a SUP fitness class or powerful paddle racing strokes, one can expect even greater results!

Paddle Diva

KDHamptons:  Share the top three places to paddle in the Hamptons?
Gina: There are so many, it’s hard to list! But if I had to pick my favorite places: Three Mile Harbor, Accabonac Harbor and Sag Pond! They all have incredible views and the wild life is amazing, they are big open harbors that make you feel like you are really on an adventure and take you away from the hustle and the bustle of land life. Sag Pond is my favorite because you can paddle all the way to the Ocean and jump in there for a little excitement!

KDHamptons:  Have you ever seen a shark while paddling?
Gina: I have never seen a shark paddling ever.  Sharks are really tame and curious creatures, sadly due to our pollution of the oceans and many of the environmental changes happening to the food supply in the oceans, we have altered their as well as many other large ocean creature’s food sources.

Paddle Diva Location: The Shagwong Marina, 219 Three Mile Hog Creek Road, East Hampton, NY 11937; Office: 631-329-2999

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