6 Haute Holiday Design Tips by Kate Pickett of Pickett's Press


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The Hamptons holiday entertaining season is all about making friends and family feel extra special, and nobody does that better than Southampton style icon, and owner of Picketts Press, Kate Pickett.  KDHamptons asks Kate to share some of her haute holiday tips, below.  “Here are some things I like to have on hand for the Hamptons holiday season − from my new “To Remind” cards, to gift enclosures on hand for “grab & go” hostess gift giving, to my own wrapping paper− having these items on hand will make your holiday season less stressful, and also show just how organized you really are!” says Kate.


1. HOLIDAY THEMED COCKTAIL NAPKINS: I always keep these on hand for last minute visitors or parties planned ahead. A personalized napkin with your cocktail makes any event festive and special.

candy cane gift tags

2. GREAT GIFT ENCLOSURES: Who doesn’t love showing up at a lunch or dinner with a little gift and a perfect card attached to show not only did you remember to get a gift, but you took the time to write a personal note!


3. PERSONALIZED WRAPPING PAPER: Thinking ahead and personalizing some wrapping paper is one of the fun things I do that always gets noticed by all my friends.picketss4. MY STICKERS: I couldn’t survive holidays – from my kids gifts, to hostess gifts, to teacher gifts, to gifts to my kids friends, to my family, my extended family… etc!- without these personalized stickers. Stick them on the gift once it’s wrapped, and you are good to go.


5. TO REMIND CARDS: These are my new favorite products. Read my blog to find out why these are suddenly so useful!

EVBK02AS100 Pear Tree Sticker Wooden
6. CAN’T CHOOSE JUST ONE PHOTO FOR THE FAMILY CHRISTMAS CARD? I hear you. Some years it’s just too difficult to get everyone looking good together. So, we’ve come up with some multiple photo cards. You can upload all the photos right on our site. And, if you need design help, as always we are happy to take a look and arrange everything how we think it looks best- no extra charge!