5 Fabulous Mother's Day Gifts From SKEEM


I can never have enough beautiful and deliciously fragrant candles, and SKEEM is one  of my favorite brands. Add on their collectible cloches of matchsticks and you have the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Check out their new seaside escape, the Aegean collection, which is inspired by dreamy landscapes of the Mediterranean—fresh ocean air, rich garden scents, and translucent blues of sea and sky.

Both are available to two new refreshing scents – Sand & Waves scent blends sea salt, wet sand, and a hint of lavender over a sandalwood base. Honeysuckle & Davana is a fusion of sweet honeysuckle and davana on a base of earthy patchouli. Here’s my Top 5 Favs for Mother’s Day gifts this spring from SKEEM…

The Waves Seashell Candle. The candle features an unglazed ceramic vessel modeled after the natural beauty of a spiraling conch shell. The scent blends sea salt, wet sand, and a hint of lavender over a sandalwood base.

Sand & Waves Aegean Candle:Inspired by a Mediterranean seaside escape, the Aegean candles feature unglazed ceramic vessels and two brand-new summery scents. The minimal design is lined with a glossy blue hue that reveals itself as the candle burns, reminiscent of the clear, tranquil waters that surround the Aegean coastline.

The Citronella Moonlight Triple-Wick Candle: Citronella Moonlight blends citronella with mandarin, rosewood, and dark patchouli. The best-selling Citronella collection now features three new scents. Citronella is a proven, all-natural, insect repellent made from the leaves and stems of the lemongrass plant that repels biting insects by masking the smells they’re attracted to.

Indigo Match Cloche : Like the coastal waters of the Aegean sea, SKEEM’s new Indigo match cloche is a mesmerizing shade of deep blue with white-tipped matches that add a touch of nautical charm. Our Match Cloches are made of handblown glass and fitted with a cork to stylishly hold an assortment of matchsticks. A striker strip on the glass adds functionality, and the delicate vessels can be reused to display treasures and curiosities.

White Cloud Fireplace Match Cloche: The soft, white, ombre finish of the new Cloud Cloche is a striking update to SKEEM’s classic, best-selling cloche. With a subtle nod to snow globes and frosted window panes, these matches will help light your way through the winter darkness.

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