NEW KDHamptons Featured Artist: Shelter Island's Margaret Garrett Shares Her Plein Air Paintings & Lifestyle





Popular East End painter Margaret Garrett lives with her composer husband, Bruce Wolosoff, and two gorgeous daughters [Julia & Katya] in a waterfront, book-lined, musical instrument-laden home on Shelter Island. Garrett tells KDH, “We decided to move our family to Shelter Island from Manhattan in pursuit of a more peaceful location, and we love our life here.” In her plein air studio, a few yards from her house, Garrett looks out over the water as she creates her masters of abstraction, many of which are inspired by the nature around her. Below, check out Garrett’s recent series, aptly called Tuning Fields, which is represented by Birnam Wood Galleries [ 514 W. 24th st, New York; (212) 242-2270]



M Garrett, Tuning Fields #242, 2011, paper, 22 x 30



Sometimes an artists palette is just as interesting as a painting... (shot in Margaret's studio)



Margaret Garrett’s lyrical abstractions will have their debut solo show in New York in January 2014. The paintings, which the artist calls the Tuning Fields series, are distinguished by their vibrant feel of movement and rhythmic sense of line and color. One of the works from the series, Tuning Fields 246 was the recipient of the Award of Merit from the Heckscher Museum in Huntington, New York in 2012. Ms. Garrett’s solo exhibition opens at Birnam Wood Galleries on West 24th Street in Manhattan on January 9th and will run through mid-February.



M Garrett, Entanglement, 2013, paper, 22x 30



Margaret tells KDH, “I am an abstract painter and I primarily make oil paintings on linen and works on paper using acrylic and ink. In recent years, I have also done some print making. I have been painting for 22 years. I used to be a professional dancer and people sometimes say they can see that in my work. I think there may be some relationship between my life as a dancer and my life as a painter. I work about five hours a day in the studio.





M Garrett, Tuning Fields #276, 2012, oil on linen, 60x74



What does a typical day look like for this collectible East End artist? Margaret shares, “I begin my day with a fabulous cappuccino on the porch with my family. Then I do some yoga on the deck, take a swim in the bay if it’s warm enough, and then head into the studio for a few hours. I break for lunch, touch base with whomever is around, and read a wonderful book in the hammock or on the daybed. Then I go back to the studio for a few more hours. At the end of the day, I watch the sunset with a glass of rosé with Bruce, and have a beautiful dinner outside with my family and friends.”



M Garrett, Tuning Fields #250, 2012, oil on linen, 60 x 74



M Garrett, Tuning Fields #270, 2012, paper, 26x40



Check out Margaret’s work at one of these upcoming shows:

*Oct 5 – Nov 9, 2013, Tuning Fields, Paintings by Margaret Garrett
St. Joseph’s College, Patchogue, NY. Opening Oct 9, 4-6 PM

*Oct 10 -13, 2013, Texas Contemporary

*Nov 5 – Dec 14, 2013, Black and White: Harmony in Shadow and Line
Group Show, Birnam Wood Gallery, 514 W 24 St, New York, NY. Opening Nov 5

*Dec 3- 8, 2013 – Art Miami
Birnam Wood Gallery will be showing my new fabric sculptures, details to follow soon!

*Jan 9- Feb 15, 2014, Margaret Garrett, Solo Show
Birnam Wood Gallery, 514 W 24 St, New York, NY. Opening Jan. 9



M Garrett, Tuning Fields #262, 2012. paper, 22 x 30



M Garrett, Tuning Fields #295, 2013, acrylic on linen, 43 x 61