NEW KDHamptons Entertaining Diary: Party Pix From Lara Shriftman's Adorable Easter Egg Hunt & Lucheon!



Island Hopping: Lucas met the Easter Bunny at 6 months old in the Bahamas!



Nobody knows how to throw a party like KDHamptons Contributing Entertaining & Etiquette expert, Lara Shriftman [co-founder of PR, events planning, and marketing agency, Harrison & Shriftman]. In addition to helping build brands such as Jimmy Choo and Juicy Couture, Lara has written four books on entertaining, including Fête Accompli and Party Confidential, and launched a line of party-ready tableware on HSN.


Holidays chez Shriftman are always are reason to throw a fête~ especially one that provides as much adorable design as Easter. Lara tells KDH, “When my son Lucas was six months old, he met the Easter bunny for the first time in the Bahamas [above]. He still has that photo in his room, and since then he has always loved Easter. And like every kid, Lucas loves the Easter egg hunt, and has hosted one for the past two years. Last bunny season, he hosted his hunt at the Beverly Hills Hotel, his second home!”



Lucas on the hunt for Easter eggs...



Are you looking to plan a perfect Easter party at home this weekend? Check out Lucas and Lara’s easy tips in her KDHamptons Entertaining Diary below:


Lara shares: “We had our Easter party early this year because a lot of the kids have family plans on Easter day. First, Lucas had all the kids come over to our home to dye and decorate the Easter eggs. We boiled the eggs ahead of time and set up different bowls, each with a different color dye. We gave everybody smocks, and we covered the counter so mom’s new kitchen could not be splattered with paint.


To create fun designs on the eggs, Lucas and his friends drew on the egg shells with white crayons, which prevented the dye from coating certain areas of the shell surface. In the same effect, they used stickers and rubber bands to leave white shapes and lines on the dyed eggs.”





Tip: Place a clear plastic cover over table top before painting.



It is important when planning a party to do some research to get inspired with what you want. Do you want an all pastel color scheme? Do you want to base decorations on the movie Hop? Or are you inspired by natural tones? My decor inspiration came from Etsy, Pottery Barn and World Market, check out our sweet results below:



Et Voila! My Easter themed tabletop decor for Lucas' luncheon.



First we saw these really cute, ivory single-egg cup holders in the shape of a bunny [below], which you can fill with white votive candles or candy. The holders perfectly matched the amazing tiered cupcake holders featuring a similar bunny. What was great about the cupcake holder was that you can put it on top of any plate. That, paired with the little yellow chick egg cups helped create height on the table.



Potter Barn cupcake plates and egg holders.



Pottery Barn egg holder



Pottery Barn egg holder



My centerpiece was a basket in the shape of a nest, so I put two of the egg holders in the basket, in addition to eggs decorated with our initials and tied with a piece of ribbon. On the bottom of the basket, I put moss for a touch of green. I picked a few pink flowers from our garden to add to the pastel color scheme [below].







In playing with the Easter theme, we got cute embroidered bunny napkins, again from Pottery Barn, and also bought a bunny candy dish, which we filled with solid colored Cadbury Eggs – Lucas’ favorite candy.



Pottery Barn napkins



Candy is a big part of Easter décor, and in general is an easy, quick and inexpensive way to decorate. Cadbury Eggs and Peeps are amazing seasonal items to use [below]. This year, they had sugar-free yellow duck peeps, which I found in packs of three.





I searched for Easter décor on my computer, and when I found some great things at World Market, I decided to pop in there. Aside from having the greatest selection of candy, I bought little wicker bunnies for the centerpiece, matching napkins holders [both below] and a tiered egg holder that went with my Pottery Barn purchases. The overall look was very organic.



*items available at World Market



From Party City, we got a cute, happy Easter sign that was kind of sparkly, which we hung on the front door. Then at Target, they have cute cupcake decorating kits from Wilchin where you can take any cupcake and decorate it into a bunny or chick. These places, along with the Dollar Store, are great resources for the odd and end décor such as party bags.



Lulu Flynn checks out the Easter animals.



We put an Easter basket on the table with cute stuffed animals [above], which were a prize for the child who decorated the prettiest egg!





The day of the party we served lunch and then the Easter egg hunt was ON! All the kids were given baskets with grass, and went searching for the hidden eggs filled with candy. As everybody left, the kids got a big chocolate Easter bunny and all the moms got bunny ears to remember the day….


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