Loaves and Fishes​ ​Announces Farm-to-Table Cookbook Series Featuring Local Long Island farms

Sybille van Kempen,​ owner of renowned ​Loaves and Fishes Food Store​  ​just announced a new farm-to-table cookbook series featuring local Long Island farms with all new recipes from the Loaves and Fishes kitchen.​ ​The ​Loaves and Fishes Farm Series ​will include 12 volumes – one for each month of the year – with new recipes from the gourmet food store’s kitchen, centered around in-season ingredients from family-owned farms on the East End.

Following the success of her​ Bridgehampton Inn and Restaurant Look + Cook Book​ in 2019, Sybille teamed up with chef Licia Kassim Householder to celebrate farm-fresh ingredients and take a closer look at the generations of farmers who grow them. Each volume visits a family farm with dynamic photographs, highlights six of their finest seasonal ingredients, and includes 20+ recipes.

Flavorful summer favorites include ​Beet Horseradish Smørrebrød​, ​Zucchini Chicken Burgers, Heirloom Tomato Tarts, a​ nd crowd-pleasing desserts such as ​Strawberry Almond Galettes, Cherry Hand Pies, Nectarine Kuchen​.

To be released in seasonal trios, the series kicks off with the summer months – June, July, and August – on sale beginning July 9, 2020. The fall trio – September, October, November – will follow in September 2020. Available on for a collection of 3 linen-wrapped hard covers for $50.

 * photos by Conor Harrigan