Calling All Hamptons Supermoms: KDH Entertainment Expert Lara Shriftman Shares How To Plan A Superhero Party....



Super Lucas and his Superhero friends!


Lara Shriftman with her Superson Lucas!


Calling all Superheroes!! KDHamptons entertaining & etiquette editor, Lara Shriftman [pictured above with son Lucas], is sharing her “how-to” tips for planning the most exciting birthday bash your child could only dream of!!

Serving as co-founder of PR, events planning, and marketing agency, Harrison & Shriftman, Lara is renowned for her entertaining and lifestyle expertise. In addition to helping build brands such as Jimmy Choo and Juicy Couture, she has written four books on entertaining, including Fete Accompli and Party Confidential, and launched a ine of party-ready tableware on HSN.

When it comes to planning birthday parties, Lara goes all out for her little man, who happens to love super heroes. Lara shares her KDH photo diary below….

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Check out Lara’s fabulous photos and  tips for planning your own Superhero party:


  • I took pictures of Lucas and his four best friends individually, then combined the images and created one superhero invite, shares Lara.
  • I wanted to make the invites really big, so I printed them on poster size 12×18 thick and glossy cardstock paper. I delivered them by hand to the kids that live close, and the rest at school or at playdates to save money on stamps.


  • I started searching the internet for Etsy superhero items, when I stumbled upon the amazing design duo, Anders Ruff ( They had incredible superhero items. I usually design my own labels on the computer, but Anders Ruff’s labels were great, and they customized them for me.  I decided on personalized labels for the water bottles and beverages, pop wrappers, toothpicks for the burgers, gift bag tags, happy birthday banner and sign, and personalized tags and coloring pages. [See photos]
  • Pick a color scheme. Mine was blue, red and yellow. We had white tables and chairs, with yellow paper plates, forks and napkins.
  • We also had large red number 4 lollipops.
  • If your child has a favorite superhero, have the color scheme and decorations focus on that character. A Batman party, Spiderman party, Superman etc.

  • Superhero balloons. You can order all kinds of superhero Mylar balloons online ranging from Spiderman and Superman to Megamind and Toy Story. You can take the balloons to most supermarkets and have them blown up with helium right before your party.
  • For my son’s fourth birthday party, Balloon Celebrations ( made an amazing giant number 4 with red, yellow and blue balloons that I placed in front of my house to welcome guests.
  • Cut out comic book pages, print images from the Internet and hang Superhero posters.
  • Order superhero themed paper plates and napkins (and anything else they make) online to compliment the theme.
  • Use action figures and superhero toys you already own as centerpieces for your tables.
  • Order a life-size stand up cardboard cutout of the Superhero of choice, or make one if you are extra crafty- and then have your photographer take pictures of the kids posing with their hero.

  • Make each table a different superhero theme.
  • I remembered a tree that I’d previously used for my book party for Party Confidential and created a lollipop tree out of Hammond’s lollipops, (, in the superman color scheme, red, blue, and yellow. The ninety year old confectioner uses the freshest ingredients for all their amazing lollipops and candy. A few flavors include, peppermint, pink lemonade, very berry, birthday cake, and bubblegum, and they all come in 1 oz., 2 oz., 4 oz., and 10oz lollipops.

CHIC TIP: Superhero wrapping paper is a fun and simple way to cover your tables!


  • Costumes build up excitement and are great for setting the mood during kid’s birthday parties. Make sure to have everyone ~even the adults~ dress up.  Even my dog Lulu Flynn dressed up in a Wonderwoman costume.

**CHIP TIP: Have extra capes or masks on hand for those who didn’t come dressed up. Have the staff and the adults wear all black with yellow masks, or make them dress as their favorite superhero.


  • Always offer healthy “snacks.”  The party was at 2pm on a Sunday, so the food was light. We served Baby Lounge Burgers with grass-fed beef, French fries and Lounge Shakes-made with Dreyer’s Ice Cream, from Lucas’ favorite restaurant right down the hill from our house, The Burger Lounge ( They are form San Diego and grew out of the idea that a hamburger should not only taste grate, it should also utilize healthy ingredients produced in a sustainable environment. We placed all the burgers in small boxes and put a superhero sticker on top.
  • Individual bags of Pop Chips ( are an all-natural health snack favorite among kids and adults alike! They come in a variety of flavors like barbeque, sour cream & onion, cheddar, sea salt & vinegar, salt & pepper, parmesan garlic and of course original! The individual bags are a great addition for gift bags as well.
  • Super Power Sticks.  Write a sign on a dish that says “For Super X-Ray Vision” and put inside sliced Carrots. For celery write, “For Super Strength, “and so on.  Suddenly the veggies aren’t what they used to be.


Sweet likenesses of Lucas and his pup Luluflynn topped the cake meticulously made by Cake Diva.
  • Order a superhero birthday cake from a specialty bakery. Print out images of superheroes or search for superhero cakes online to use for inspiration. Bring them into the bakery so they know exactly what you are looking for!
  • We ordered a cake form my favorite cake makers, The Cake Divas ( They have been doing my cakes for 12 years. Lucas and I had a meeting with Joan and Leigh and came up with a three layers round cake, filled with cream cheese, chocolate and vanilla, and decorated with superheroes. Yellow candles and a large red number four candle were placed on top of the cake.
  • We served Superhero cookies and Cake pops in foam decorated boxes.
  • “Kryptonite” Pop rocks


Cute Cake Pops!


  • A delicious drink option to serve at your party is Vita Coco coconut water ( This thirst-quencher is both delicious and nutritious for the little ones and adults alike.  Kids love it.
  • Honest Kids Juice Pouches from Honest Tea ( are healthy and delicious.  All the kids at the party loved the Honest kids Super Fruit Punch and Berry Berry lemonade, and they contain half the sugar of your usual juice choice.
  • Pop Coke Cans

**CHIC TIP: Have personalized water bottle labels made!

  • For my son’s party, we created personalized labels for the water bottles and beverages.  Just pick an image and print it out on regular paper, then replace the previous label with your customized one by using double stick tape.  You can also print them on label paper so the back side is already sticky.


  • Hire a Superman to entertain the kids, or your child’s favorite superhero. A great way to get the parents involved is to have them dress up too. Also make sure they come and leave in a costume so the kids don’t see.  This year we had batman make and appearance at Lucas’ party.

**CHIC TIP: If you have to pay an entertainer on site, make sure to put aside money ahead of time in a labeled envelope. Assign someone to be responsible for paying so you don’t have to be interrupted during the party.

  • Have an adult dressed up as a Superhero bash in through the door and make a grand entrance. Upon his arrival he can help serve the kids and then sit down and eat with them.
  • Have superhero movies such as The Incredibles, Batman, or Spiderman play on a TV in the background.

  • Set up a superhero piñata like Spiderman [above from Amazing Parties in Southampton] or a crafts table complete with make your own cape and “Make Your Own Cape” station and a “Make Your Own Superhero Mask” station.  My amazing friend Jillian Yee-Pham from 2 Hearts B1Designs ( came to make masks and arts and crafts. She is an amazing calligrapher and makes beautiful stationary.  I purchased items from Lakeshore Learning ( for kids to decorate their own superhero accessories!  Some examples of fun craft supplies include stickers, foam animal stickers and bright colored paper.
  • Pick up some Superhero temporary tattoos and assign someone to help the kids apply them.


  • My brother Jonathan made a CD with all of Lucas’ favorite songs, including “I Want Candy” by Aaron Carter, “It’s your Birthday” by 50 Cent, and the classic “All you need is Love” by the legendary Beatles.



GIFT BAGS: Anything with superheroes goes in!
  • We gave all the kids a pair of Crocs shoes ( Lucas loves their fun color schemes, and never wants to take them off. We put the Crocs in white gift bags, tied with thin satin black ribbon, and added personalized thank you and name tags designed by Anders Ruff.
  • Action figures
  • Comic Books
  • Stickers. Buy several packs and give each kid an individual sheet from the pack.

**CHIC TIP: Take an inexpensive item (like a pair of themed socks), remove any tags and place the item in an individual clear cellophane bag. Seal with a sticker or customized label.  This creation makes for a great, chic party favor!


  • Thank you notes are a must! When you are making your invitations, create your own stationary in the theme of the party for a final, superhero punch!


Happy Fourth Birthday Superlucas!!!!!